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Metal Beam Crash Barriers - W Beam and Threi Beam

“Metal Beam Crash barrier”

We take pride in being on the verge of becoming India's largest manufacturing unit for producing "Metal Beam Crash Barriers (Guard Rails)." Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility is complemented by comprehensive testing capabilities, ensuring top-notch quality for all our "Metal Beam Crash Barriers." At Jindal India Limited, we are dedicated to developing a full range of crash barriers, spares, and guard rails to meet all your requirements.

Our facility is equipped to manufacture both standard and customized 'W Beam' and 'Thrie Beam' type Crash Barriers, along with spacers and posts, all featuring high-quality hot-dip galvanization. Our vision is to manufacture and supply crash barriers with stringent quality controls, adhering to specifications set forth by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH), Ministry of Surface Transport (MOST), as well as international standards such as AASHTO 180 and EN-1317-1&2. Currently, our production capacity stands at 60,000 MT of Crash Barrier annually.

Product Specifications for W-Beam/Thrie Beam:

Our W-Beam/Thrie Beam Metal Crash Barriers consist of single or double-sided guard rails made of 3 mm (customizable) cold-rolled sections with a minimum yield strength of 2400 kg/sqcm. These barriers feature a width of 312/510 mm, corrugation depth of 83 mm, and are hot-dip galvanized with a zinc coating of 550 g/sqm. The total length is 4.318 M (effective length 4M), conforming to MORTH specifications.

Post & Spacer Channel:

Posts and spacer channels are constructed from cold-rolled sections with a minimum yield strength of 2400 kg/sqcm. The post/Spacer will be hot dip galvanized of zinc coating @ 550g/sqm having size of 150mm x 75mm x 5mm (thickness) or customized as per the drawing approved by project consultant.


Base Metal (HR Coil) meets IS: 5986/10748/2062 standards, Grade Fe 410, 510 from TATA/SAIL/JINDAL. Minimum yield strength ranges from 235-255 MPa, and minimum tensile strength ranges from 360-410 MPa. Galvanization conforms to IS: 1364 standards.

Product Range:

1. Metal Crash Barrier: Includes various types of W-Beam, Thrie Beam, Posts, Spacers, End Terminals, End Shoes, Fish Tails, available in Indian and International standards.

2. Pedestrian Guard Rail: Constructed from tubular pipes or square hollow-sections.

Metal Beam Crash Barriers - W Beam and Threi Beam
Production Capacity 60000 MT per annum
Manufacturing Process Cold rolling from HR Coil Slits with fully automated Mills
Components W Beam, Thrie Beam, Post & Spacers
W & Thrie Beam As Per MORT&H Length may be customized as per customer requirement
Post & Spacer 150mm x 75mm, Length may be customized as per customer requirement
Length of W & Thrie Beam 4 Mtrs., May be Customised as per requirement
Protective Coating Hot Dip Galvanizing


With our rich history in producing ERW Pipes for the last 70 years, we have recently ventured into production and supply of Swaged Tubular Poles (STPs) - A true value addition to our ERW Pipes. And, within 3 months of commercial production, we have now been supplying over 30,000 Nos. of STPs to the prestigious Odisha Greenfield Project, apart from executing other orders for few other clients.

We design and manufacture Swaged Type Steel Tubular Poles from our own "JINDAL" Make ERW Pipes.

Our Integrated Product Chain begins with the procurement of Hot Rolled Coils, conforming to IS : 10748, IS : 5986 and other equivalent International Standards, as per Client's requirements. These HR Coils are then used for producing ERW Pipes conforming to IS : 1161 and then for Swaged Tubular Poles as per IS : 2713.


  • Our manufacturing plant is equipped with 4 Swaging Machines and requisite nos. of Drilling, Welding and Straightening Machines.
  • We do have full fledged Mechanical and Chemical Laboratory including Spectrometer enabling us to do all the tests, in-house.
  • We have 13 M Zinc Galvanizing Tank, making it one of the largest in Eastern India.

Product Range:

  • We produce STPs up to the length of 16 Meters and thickness up to 6 MM, covering the entire range from 410 SP 1 to 410 SP 80 and 540 SP 1 to 540 SP 80.
  • We also produce Single and Double Arm Brackets as per the Client's designs.

Application :

  • Street Lighting
  • Traffic Signal Lighting
  • Signage
  • Power Distribution
  • Solar Lighting
  • CCTV Surveillance