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Galvanized Steel Sheet - Plain / Corrugation & Coils

Jindal (India) Limited prides itself on the production of hot-dipped galvanized coils that adhere to stringent international standards such as JIS G3302 (Grade SGCH, SGCC), ASTM A653, and IS 277. Renowned for their exceptional corrosion resistance, printability, and workability, our coils are trusted by industries worldwide.

Our meticulous process begins with the De-greasing Section, where oil and dirt are effectively removed through a series of treatments including hot alkaline de-greasing, cold rinsing, hot rinsing, and hot air drying. Following this, annealing takes place in an electrically heated horizontal furnace, operating under a protective atmosphere. This atmosphere is precisely regulated with a calibrated ratio of nitrogen and hydrogen, generated through our cutting-edge automated Protective Gas Plant utilizing ammonia and air as primary raw materials.

The crucial step of hot dip galvanizing involves immersing the strip into a zinc bath maintained at 460 degrees Celsius. Here, the chemistry of the bath is meticulously controlled to ensure proper adhesion and formability of the applied zinc, resulting in bright, blemish-free uniform spangles. To further enhance corrosion resistance, our galvanized coils undergo chromating, with parameters continuously monitored and sheets regularly subjected to salt-spray tests to guarantee optimal performance.

Beyond coils, we offer galvanized plain and corrugated sheets tailored to our customers' specifications. Our galvanized corrugated sheets boast closed tolerances of standard depth, pitch, and width, ensuring consistent quality and performance across every product.

Galvanized Plain & Corrugated Sheet & Coil
Capacity 350000 MT per annum
Thickness 0.12 mm to 0.80 mm
Width 700 mm to 1250 mm
4Nos. Continuous Galvanizing Lines