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Jindal Sabrang

Steel has long been synonymous with strength and durability in construction and fabrication, yet it has rarely been associated with vibrancy or colorfulness. Jindal presents Jindal Sabrang, the latest innovation from Jindal India, designed to inject add a splash of color into the traditionally colorless world of steel. Derived from the Sanskrit word for "rainbow of colors," Sabrang aims to not only enhance the visual appeal of steel but also extend the lifespan of structures by providing an additional layer of Zinc/Alu-Zinc offering corrosion resistance.

The process begins with the treatment of Zinc/Alu Zinc-coated steel sheets, where a chemical solution is applied to eliminate surface impurities. In the next step, a chromate coating is added to improve surface quality and prepare the steel for further treatment. A primer coat is also applied to bond the steel surface with the final color and ensure uniform coverage. After passing through an oven for baking, the primer-coated sheet is ready for the application of the final color coat on both sides. Another baking process, exceeding 200 degrees Celsius, ensures the durability and longevity of the color-coated steel.

Our production line is equipped to apply various coatings, including regular Modified Polyester (RMP), Super Durable Polyester (SDP), Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP), and PVDF, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Furthermore, our advanced coating technology allows for precise control, ensuring that we meet each customer's exact specifications.

Effective from January 1st, 2024, Sabrang comes with a comprehensive warranty clause, guaranteeing quality and performance from the point of sale onwards.

Jindal Sabrang & Specifications
Thickness 0.16 mm to 1 mm
Width 750 mm to 1450 mm
Base Substance Galvanized steel,AluZinc coated steel,SS,Aluminium
Primer 3-10 micron top ,3-10 micron back side
Top Coat 5 micron - 25 micron
Back Coat 5-10 micron
Colours Top Coat-Jindal Grey(RAL 7035)
Coil Weight Up to 15 Mt