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Aluminium Foils

At Jindal India Limited, Aluminium Foil is produced by rolling foil stock on two high speed, 4-Hi Foil Mills – a Universal Spidem Foil Mill & a Finishing Achenbach Foil Mill with rolling width of 1100 mm.

Both mills are capable of rolling down to light (9-12 microns) & ultra-light gauges (7 microns).The combination of mills makes the manufacturing system extremely versatile in terms of gauge mix, and Universal Foils aims to carve out a niche for itself in the light gauge foil market for House foil & packaging of Gutka, Food, Confectionery and Cigarette.The mills have been upgraded with new Siemens drives, automatic gauge control & upgraded hydraulics.

The mills are well supported by ancillary equipment such as Rewinder, Doubler, Separators (Kampf & Schmutz) , Annealing furnaces, Roll Grinder (Herkules) and a fully equipped quality assurance laboratory .

Bare Aluminium Foil
Capacity 20000 MT per annum at average gauge mix of 7-9 microns
Alloys AA1235 , AA1100, AA8011, Any other special alloy
Gauge Below 80 microns
Width Below 1500 mm
Diameter Reel diameters of 400-850 mm OD
Core 150 mm steel
Temper Soft
Surface Bright or Matte finish, free of residual oil on surface
Packing Wooden boxes