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Jindalume represents a groundbreaking advancement in steel sheet technology, meticulously crafted to elevate corrosion resistance for outdoor applications. Beginning with cold-rolled steel tailored to meet precise mechanical specifications according to customer requirements, the process entails passage through a degreasing section and subsequent heating to 650 degrees Celsius in a continuous furnace.

Once heated, the steel is immersed in a molten bath boasting a carefully calibrated chemistry of 43% Zinc, 55% Aluminium, and 1.5% Silicon. This strategic alloy composition imbues the steel with remarkable properties: Zinc provides sacrificial protection, thwarting corrosion upon encountering foreign elements, while Aluminium acts as a barrier against atmospheric corrosion. The synergistic combination of Aluminium, Zinc, and Silicon yields a material with unparalleled corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity and durability of the steel even in the harshest outdoor environments.

The Jindalume product line is designed to meet a comprehensive spectrum of requirements, catering to diverse applications with unmatched performance. Notably, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to process Alu-Zinc-coated steel with widths extending up to 1500mm, setting a new standard in the industry and reaffirming our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Jindalume Specifications
Thickness 0.15 mm to 1.0 mm
Width range 750 mm to 1550 mm
Coating thickness AZ-70 to AZ-200
Skin pass Yes/as per customer requirement
Tension Leveller Yes/as per customer requirement
Anti Finger coating Yes/as per customer requiremnet
Strength 250 MPa to 550 MPa as per requirement
Coil weight Up to 25Mt