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Jindalume is a product being developed to enhance the corrsion resitance property of steel sheets for outdoor applications.The cold rolled steel with required mechanical properties as per customers need will be passed through degreasing section and heated up to 650 degrees in a continous furnace before being dipped into molten bath have chemistry of 43% Zinc and 55% Aluminium.While Zinc will ensure adequate sacrificial property to retard corrosion through any contact with foreign element,Aluminium will resist atmospheric corrosion.The combination of Aluminium and Zinc ( along with 1.5% Silicon) drastically improves the overall corrosion resistance of material,thus safeguarding steel for a very long time.

The product range of Jindalume will cover entire gamut of requirements.This will probably be one of the very few lines in the world which shall be processing Alu Zinc coated steel in width up to 1500mm.

Jindalume Specifications
Thickness 0.15 mm to 1.0 mm
Width range 750 mm to 1550 mm
Coating thickness AZ-70 to AZ-200
Skin pass Yes/as per customer requirement
Tension Leveller Yes/as per customer requirement
Anti Finger coating Yes/as per customer requiremnet
Strength 250 MPa to 550 MPa as per requirement
Coil weight Up to 25Mt